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Bareboat Charter

If you hold a sailing license you are allowed to sail a yacht in the area as a skipper. We offer you high quality yachts that you can sail on your own after you leave a refundable guarantee. Before the start of your trip at our base in Nidri you will be given valuable tips on the sailing area and detailed instructions on the handling of the yacht.

SKORPIOS Yacht charter - Charter Program
Assisted Charter

You have already qualified as skipper, but have little experience and want to expand your skills in a team with expert guidance. We can provide you with an expert skipper, familiar with the area, who will only escort you for a few days and practice with you the handling of the yacht and special manoeuvres.

Charter with Skipper

A sailing trip with a skipper is especially aimed at those who do not have their own sailing license and sailing experience. You charter the yacht of your choice, but the responsibility for its management lies with the skipper. During the trip you can actively participate in sailing under expert guidance or simply enjoy your holiday.

The skipper shares life with the crew on board and needs his own cabin. The trip will be discussed and worked out together, but the skipper has to be aware of the weather and area conditions, because the safety of the crew and the yacht is of the highest priority. The cost of catering for the skipper will be undertaken by the crew.

SKORPIOS Yacht charter - Charter Program
Sail along!

Would you like to taste the fascination of sailing? When sailing together (also known as berth charter) you can rent a berth on your own or with friends and take part in a sailing trip with other people. It is a good and cheap way to gain your first sailing experience. A skipper who shares life with the crew on board takes over the management of the yacht in this case. He needs his own cabin and the cost of his food is again undertaken by the crew.

We offer sailing in the Ionian Sea with a long-term German partner. On request, we will gladly provide information about dates and prices.

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