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Ionian Sea, the Sailing Area of your Dreams

Between the west coast of Greece and the six offshore large islands lies an impressive and varied sailing area, named after Zeus lover, the ancient goddess Io. 

There you can enjoy relaxed sailing, navigate through secluded coves, or dock in one of the delightful harbors, while protected from the Maestro, the prevailing NW wind. For the most part, the short distances and other smaller islands allow mostly sailing on sight.
The Maestro determines the rhythm of life for the Ionian Sea.

One who joins it experiences dreamlike sailing and Greece at its most beautiful.

Country & People

The special charm of the Ionian Islands and their award‐winning beaches create a nostalgic, idyllic atmosphere reminiscent of older times. Lush…

Wind & Weather

Maestro is the Greek name for the local north wind and its character is typical of the Ionian Sea. It wakes up after a late breakfast, freshens up in the…

Suggested Sailing Routes

For a one week trip, we recommend the diverse sailing grounds between Lefkada, Cephalonia and the Greek mainland. These protected…

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